Eastington Parish Giving Scheme

Our Church Needs You!

Can you afford £1 a month? We are hoping to raise church funds to keep our church running by getting as many people as possible to sign up to our Parish Giving Scheme. Please contact the Treasurer and help keep our church open, so we can be there when you need us.

Our Church needs your support

Over the past 50 years funding parish clergy has changed completely. In 1963 the Church Commissioners would help provide funding for parish clergy, whilst these days the contribution has stopped. The only support we receive from governing bodies is from the government, via gift aid which we only get from the initial donations.

Our church heavily relies on regular donations to keep our services running. At present our church running costs are £1,187.44 per month, and these costs only include Gas, water, electric, insurance and our Parish Share (Parish share is our contribution towards the cost of having a clergy to conduct services, and even though this cost is spread across six churches, we still fall short on the full amount payable).

With our slowly declining attendance, our donations also slowly decline and the decrease in couples choosing to have wedding services at church have dramatically reduced our income. I am sure you are all aware that the cost of living is increasingly expensive, the church also endeavours to cover the rise of running costs. There are many other costs such as administration, service leaflets, flowers, hymn books, maintenance, candles, the list goes on. With the increase in costs we are struggling to match it with income. At the end of our financial year last year we finished with a deficit of -£4,921. If this trend continues the church will become unaffordable to run, which will inevitably result in closure.

Which is why I am asking if you can help support your local church, so that we can keep services running for years to come. We have signed up to a Parish Giving Scheme with our diocese, which enables us to recover gift aid quicker and provides a direct debit system. If you feel you would like to give to our church to help with our running costs please contact me, Ian Hodges at ianhodges47@googlemail.com or write to me at Lawrence Way, Bath Road, Eastington, Stonehouse, GL10 3AX.

You may be aware of our Friends of Eastington, which we have set up to raise funds for the church building. There are maintenance repairs that need doing within the next 5 years and being a listed building the costs amount above £100,000. All money given to the Friends of Eastington are restricted to the fabric of the building and cannot be used for running or other costs. But both causes are equally important to continue to provide our services for the community.

No contribution is too small, please give.

Ian Hodges – Church Treasurer