Friends of Eastington Church


Our aim is to support the maintenance, conservation and enhancement of the fabric and interior of Eastington Church so that the church continues to serve the local community for many years to come.

Eastington Church is involved in every aspect of our village, sometimes in ways that are obvious, sometimes less so. For instance in 2014 the Church had 20 baptisms, 13 weddings and 14 funerals, in addition to our well attended services at Easter, Harvest, All Souls, Remembrance and Christmas.

We realise that many people have an attachment to our Church; those who were married or baptised here; present and past parishioners; those who have visited and admired its historic interior and those who have developed an affection for this church as a place of prayer and service to the community.

Our church building is in need of constant upkeep and renovation. Due to the church’s age, work is constantly required to keep it in good condition. There is still more to be done. In addition to regular planned maintenance, there are numerous urgent repairs needed in the next 5-10 years.

Some of our urgent projects include the following:

  • Repairs to the masonry around tower;
  • Repairs to the West Window behind font;
  • Maintenance of lighting and heating systems;
  • Upkeep of altar frontals, chalice veil and burse;
  • Replacement of tiles and lead flashings on roof.

The Friends of Eastington Church was established in 2013, with the aim of maintaining, conserving and enhancing the fabric and interior of Eastington Church so that the church continues to serve the local community for years to come.

Please join the Friends of Eastington Church so that future generations can enjoy this place of worship and so that it can continue to serve the people of Eastington for many years to come.

We are a thriving community, and support those interested in becoming involved in the social activities on offer as well as looking after the fabric of the building. We organise exciting events each years, details of which are published on our Website, Facebook and Twitter. They are also circualted via our mailing list.

Events for the year ahead include:

  • Concerts and performances;
  • Lunches, dinners and picnics;
  • Guided walks in the local area; and
  • Lectures and discussions on local history.

We can’t promise that all of our events will happen, but if you would like to get involved and help us to run one, we would be grateful. Likewise, if you have a good idea for a fund-raising event, why not contact us. 


Membership is open to all regardless of religious beliefs. New members are always welcome. By joining the Friends, you are not only helping to preserve part of our heritage, but will have the opportunity to benefit from an interesting and enjoyable programme of events. The membership fee is a suggested donation of £15 per person. If you wish to give more we shall be very happy to receive it. You will find details on how to join the Friends inside this leaflet.

Eastington Church receives no statutory, government or other church funding – every penny we need to maintain and the building has to be raised through fundraising, donations and regular contributions.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please consider completing the Gift Aid Declaration as this significantly increases your donation to the Friends’ scheme by 25% at no cost to yourself.




Looking for an ancestor in Eastington Parish Churchyard?

The Friends of Eastington Church offers its members the privilege of a cemetery lookup for a family surname.  Eastington parish has two burial grounds:  the old churchyard of St Michael's and All Angels Church, which is now closed to new burials, and the present Eastington parish community burial ground which lies just opposite the Church in a quiet setting. 

The Friends has a volunteer who will visit the parish burial ground to search for, transcribe, and photograph gravestones for members, as well as check a compiled transcription of the older stones in the churchyard. Findings will be transmitted by email, so please supply an address.  Friends subscribers may request a cemetery lookup for up to two different surnames.  Please put your surnames on the back of your membership form, with as much identifying information as you know (names, dates of birth/death).  Please include an additional £7.50 in your application for each additional surname over two.